Broadcast Equipment Sales

Blitz Technology is the official re-seller in Romania and Moldova
of the Italian company MediaPower including (but not limited to) MediaPower’s award-winning products – Arkki MAM, AirGo fully-integrated video server, Storage MX cost-effective media storage for enterprise applications and NewsTouch touch-based presentation appliance.


In today's era where access methods are ubiquitous and demand for content is unprecedented, content providers face the challenge of addressing explosive growth while effectively managing their libraries and adding value to their content archives by making material available anywhere. Simply put, the proliferation of content necessitates better ways to store and manage media. While most available solutions today separate storage from the media management application, media technology provider MediaPower, takes a different approach to content management, by providing an integrated solution with Arkki.



As studios and production outfits grow the number of channels for their subscribers, shift to newer transport technologies from changing revenue models, and media workflows increase in complexity, the need for a cost-effective solutions for delivery of TV programs and video content becomes more pronounced. It also becomes imperative for media providers to be able to launch channels channels rapidly while minimizing cost, improving operational management and efficiency, and ensuring that any investment in necessary equipment is one that can easily scale in the future.

Storage MX

Cost-effective Enterprise-class Media Storage

The MediaPower Storage MX is a powerful NAS/SAN media storage array that achieves the performance and reliability of large enterprise storage and the flexibility and scalability of small to medium-sized systems. It is a high-density storage providing operators and production studios the capacity to store thousands of hours’ worth of content in an economical footprint. It features load balancing and system failover capabilities, offering operators new levels of performance, reliability, and scalability, without limiting deployment options.



These days, the news anchor is more than just a pretty face reading from a prompter. He is also the moderator of multiple sources of information, including news clippings and images, online resources, media files, and live feed. As the news format becomes more and more complex, the news team needs to be more in control of the components of its news program, making sure that it is both running smoothly and engaging viewers. For the first time, multi-touch technology, together with a HD 3D graphic engine, enters the world of Broadcast Television, at an extremely low cost. NewsTouch is an innovative IT-based multimedia touch system created by MediaPower. It is a standalone multimedia presentation appliance dedicated to the live production of press clippings, web content, and recorded and live media files in the studio for a live broadcasting environment.