Drone Live Streaming Services

Drone Live Streaming Services

Drone Live Streaming Services

February 24, 2017

Our newest partnership with DronaFoto.com facilitates us of offering Drone Live Streaming Services. This partnership will combine our services and will offer our clients the integration of live streaming service with a drone.

“The most important factor is the live streaming quality, the live production and of course the internet speed. Our equipments guarantee the internet speed even from meters above.” Claudiu Paraschiv – Managing Director Blitz Technology

“Together with Blitz Technology we can now offer premium and uninterrupted Drone Live Streaming Services from our drones. We built our business on giving the best creative perspective from above and especially the latest technology services to our customers.” Matei Tuca – Manager DronaFoto.com

How can Drone Live Streaming Services help?

As we partner with DronaFoto.com we can finally integrate a drone aerial footage with our terestrial team. The live production experts will combine the aerial footage, with the fixed cameras and camera operators.

The posibilities now expand even more and combining a drone footage give spectators a new view. At the same time aerial footage will rise the quality of the live stream higher than ever (pun intended).

The applications are many, from outdoor events, to sports that require high vantage points. Aerial footage helps the viewer position the action better into space. We can rise the production value for a rather marginally low cost.

Live Streaming is most probably going to grow rapidly in the industry. The viewers will get the best quality content and this is how we will keep them interested while growing our clients audience.

More about the drones

The drones are registered to the Aerospatial Authority and have permissions to fly. The operator can fly the drone 30 minutes on a single charge. The battery is then replaced quickly and the drone is back in the air. The range can expand up to 5-7KM. The pilots have trainings, take the rules into considerations and safety precautions.

Are you curious how we can integrate the aerial footage and give premium Drone Live Streaming Services? Tell us about your brand and projects. Send us an email or call us (click here for the contact page).